Pea weevil resources

Pea weevils were found in April 2016 in the Wairarapa area of New Zealand. MPI needs your help to rid the area of this pest and prevent it from establishing in New Zealand. Find resources and information here.

American Foulbrood disease in New Zealand: Resources and information

American foulbrood is a bacterial disease present throughout New Zealand. It's under a national control programme to prevent it from damaging the beekeeping industry.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Resources

MPI needs your help to keep watch for the brown marmorated stink bug, which could attack a wide range of New Zealand crops and infest local homes. Find resources and information on this webpage.

Fiordland marine biosecurity resources

MPI works with other agencies and the Fiordland Marine Guardians to protect the Fiordland marine environment through the Fiordland Marine Biosecurity Programme. Find out about the programme and how it has been applied in the response to an invasive seaweed. Find resources and information.

Bonamia ostreae Resources

In May 2017, MPI detected the flat oyster parasite Bonamia ostreae on flat oyster farms in Stewart Island. Find out about the parasite and what we're doing to try to control its spread. Also find resources and further information

Marine Pest ID Guide, New Zealand (pdf 1.7 MB)

This publication helps with the identification of the marine pests to be found in New Zealand Waters.