Anyone undertaking contract possum monitoring work for possum control agencies must be an approved operator under an accreditation scheme administered by (formerly NPCA). This is done on behalf of the possum control industry which;

  • allows contracting agencies to check accreditation details of contractors and field staff seeking monitoring contracts or monitoring work;
  • provides a quick source of accreditation information for contractors in completing tender documents;
  • enables approved operators to check their own accreditation details and expiry dates;
  • assists contractors to find suitably qualified field staff.

How to become accredited 

Go to our Accreditation and training page for more information on how to become accredited. 

Accredited operators renewal 

To apply for renewal of your accreditation please complete the renewal form and email form to or for further information phone 07 378 2606.

Currently accredited possum monitoring operators

The current accredited possum monitors are listed alphabetically:

by Name

by Region

by Category Description

The listings show each operator’s registration ID, the expiry date of the accreditation and the categories of accreditation qualification.