Animal Welfare and Ethics of Pest Management in New Zealand

A range of vertebrate species (birds and mammals) were introduced into New Zealand for food, sport, biocontrol, or aesthetic reasons.

Legislative requirements relating to controls

Almost all aspects of pest control are strongly regulated and controlled. Here is an overview to assist pest control workers in directing them to legislation relevant to their work.

Pest management plans

The Biosecurity Act defines responsibility for biosecurity issues at a national level as being with the Ministry for Primary Industries, and at a regional level with the appropriate regional council. Each of these bodies maintains pest management plans to plan out how pests will be managed in their area.

Welfare performance of animal traps

In New Zealand, trap use is regulated by the Animal Welfare Act 1999. This Act permits any trap to be used for trapping any species, but it also enables the Minister of Agriculture to recommend to the Governor General traps that should be prohibited because they cause unacceptable pain and suffering.