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Kauri Dieback Resources

The latest resources and collateral available about Kauri Dieback.

National Operational Plan for eradicating bovine TB

Under the Biosecurity Act, a review of the national TB plan was required to be completed by 1 July 2016. This included defining a sustainable funding arrangement that would be agreed between the Government and industry partners.

National Psa-V Pest Management Plan

In 2013 KVH developed a National Psa-V Pest Management Plan (NPMP) to ensure the entire industry worked together to overcome the impacts of Psa-V into the future. The NPMP was approved by the Minister for Primary Industries, Nathan Guy and commenced on Friday 17 May 2013.

TB in urban communities (pdf 585 KB)

Bovine TB is an infectious disease that can affect practically all mammals, from farmed cattle and deer to wild life such as pigs, possums and ferrets.

TB National Operation Plan 2016-2055 (pdf 1.8 MB)

This document is the National Operational Plan (NOP) for the National Pest Management
Plan (NPMP) for Bovine Tuberculosis. It has been prepared by TBFree New Zealand Ltd (TBfree NZ) as required under Section 100B of the Biosecurity Act 1993 to give operational effect to the Biosecurity (National Bovine Tuberculosis Pest Management Plan) Order 1998 (the Order).

Myrtle rust Resources

Myrtle rust is a serious fungal disease that affects plants in the myrtle family. Plants in this family include the iconic pōhutukawa, mānuka and rātā as well as some common garden plants such as ramarama and lilly pilly. Find resources and information on this webpage.

Mycoplasma bovis Resources

We've got information for affected farmers, farmers, industry, and the general public. Download documents and read media releases on Mycoplasma bovis.

Check, Clean, Dry: Resources and information

Freshwater pests can be spread by your activities in and around waterways. If you're moving between waterways, you must clean all your gear using the 'Check, Clean, Dry' method. Learn how to check, clean, dry your gear.