Training opportunities

The vertebrate pest control industry has been steadily raising standards in both the effectiveness of its pest control work and safety standards for its workers, for the general public and for non-target species.

Specialised training is now increasingly required by the agencies who contract out vertebrate pest control work. People in the industry must also have a thorough knowledge of the numerous regulations and requirements that govern such aspects as animal welfare, safe handling of toxic substances and environmental risk management.

Available training opportunties include:

  • NPCA's possum population monitoring courses
  • Ag ITO's National Certificate courses
Possum monitoring courses 

Skills in possum population monitoring are needed so that agencies responsible for possum control:

  • can monitor possum population numbers in their areas of responsibility, and
  • measure, through Quality Assurance checks, whether or not possum numbers have been reduced by possum control operations to the level specified in work contracts.

The Quality Assurance process must be designed specifically for the area involved. Agencies usually contract out both the designing and monitoring work and require that the contractors be qualified as monitors or designers.

For more information on these courses check out the Possum Monitoring courses page

Other courses

Various short courses and workshop training opportunities in such aspects as bush craft and practical pest control are periodically offered throughout the country by such organisations as polytechnics, the Department of Conservation and regional councils. Many of these opportunities are ideal for private landowners and volunteer groups who carry out their own vertebrate pest control.