Product suppliers for vertebrate pest control



Activ-8 Health and Safety Systems

PO Box 1284

Pukekohe 2340

216 Esk Road


Ph: 0800 433 629

Provides online Health and Safety Systems and documents designed for businesses to meet Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Workplace Safety Management Practices, Department of Labour and Animal Health Board Health & Safety documentation requirements. Online reporting and training capability available for businesses wanting to reduce ‘time out’ and travel costs. Also has Alcohol and Drug and Working from Home policy and procedure documents.

Bait Safe® Products

Kieran Corliss or Phil Corliss

101 Union Line

Marton 4788

Ph: (06) 327 7880 or 027 783 1967


Supply Possum Bait Safe bait stations, designed to exclude non-target species.

Connovation Ltd.

PO Box 58 613


Auckland 2163

Ph: (09) 215 4355 or 021 273 4880

Email: lyn.n[at]

Manufacture Feratox®, Ferafeed®, Feracol®, RatAbate®, cyanide paste, non-toxic pre-feed pellets and paste and bait stations. Also supply leg hold traps, kill traps, lures, poison warning notices and monitoring products.

Dead Rat Ltd / Grantley Imports Ltd.

Carol Johnston

PO Box 95, Picton 7250
Telephone 021 622149

Wholesaler purchasing directly from the USA manufacturers, since 1996.

Victor Pro Rat and Mouse Traps, wood base, yellow paddle
Victor Power-Kill Rat and Mouse, plastic snappy type trap
Envirotools, Flipping Timmy, D-Rat, Rat Hatch, Minimalist, Basic
SA2 Kat Trap, designed & made my Steve Allan. Made mostly stainless steel.
Kness Big Snap-E Rat Trap, Kness Snap-E Mouse Trap
Havahart Live Capture, wire cat traps, 1m long.
Connovation Blue Paste Lure, Scented Cylindrical Cereal Based Lure for bait bars
Tasmex, Exterm-An-Ant, ant poison
Ants No More, outdoor ant bait station by Kness

Ecoland Sustainable Land Management

Shane Hyde: (09) 4051 376                     

Email :

Eco-land Ltd aims to meld the practicalities and common sense gained from a lifetime of living and working on the land with the principals and theories of sustainable land management to assist others to convert to sustainable land use practices.  

Eco-land Ltd is the sole distributor of enviroMate 100TM an all in one lure and/or toxin dispensing pest control tool that is automated and programmable. It can be used alone or in conjunction with traps. It is strong and durable and fitted internally with a rotating tray of 7 compartments that are loaded with restricted amounts of lure or toxin. This means that the lures and toxins are safely contained and are protected from the weather until they are revealed, one by one, to possums and rodents, as programmed.

Geo Systems Ltd

PO Box 8160



Ph: 0800 436 797


Supply GPS systems, hip chains and more.

Glen Ballinger

RD 1

Black Road


Bay of Plenty

Ph: (07) 366 4508

Sells products such as the Wonder Staple. These staples are fully galvanised with a point like a nail to prevent twisting. If removed with care these staples can be reused many times. Good for Manuka and other hardwoods. He also sells an improved version of an aluminium bracket commonly known in the Bay of Plenty as the Brucy Bracket.

Goodnature™ Limited

Stu Barr

PO Box 14712

Wellington 6241

Ph:(04) 387 3872

Fax: (04) 385 9625


Supply A12 possum and A24 rat adn stoat traps, as well as lures, C)2 cannisters and strike counters.

Good Traders Ltd

8 Avian Way

Rangiora 7472

Ph: (03) 313 9103 or 027 2742493


Supply Duke traps.

Gotcha Traps Limited

Warren Agnew

2 Young Street, Scotts Landing

Mahurangi Heads

Warkworth 0982

Ph: (09) 425 6483 or 027 273 0648

Email: sales[at]

Supplies two sizes of Black Trakka™ animal monitoring tunnels and tracking cards. Provides online information on how to recognise animal tracks.

Key Industries Ltd
PO Box 65070, Auckland 0754
Auckland ph: 0800 539 463
Paraparaumu ph: 0800 111 466
Fax: (09) 917 1793

Manufacturer and distributor of pest control hardware and toxin products including kill and cage traps,bait stations, wax tags, Pindone and other poisons, and toxin warning notices.

Kiwicare Corporation

PO Box 15050


Ph: (03) 389 0778


The NO range of vertebrate and invertebrate pest control products, including first and second generation anti-coagulants, traps, lures, repellents and more. For professional and non-professional use.

Maurice Woodcraft Ltd

128 Marine Parade

Mt Maunganui

Ph: (07) 575 5920

Sells the Victor No. 1 leg-hold trap and a range of live-traps.

NZ AutoTraps Ltd. 
Units 137/138, 97 Maui Street 
Pukete , Hamilton, 3200 


Supply AT220 Auto resetting and rebaiting Possum Traps and supplies for the traps.

408 Heads Road

Ph: 0800 22 44 23

Fax: (6) 344 2260

Manufacture a wide range of possum baits such as pestoff brodifacoum baits, cyanide paste, cyanide prefeed paste (wonderlure) and RS5 prefeed.




Phone: Steve Mazur 022 6962178

Address: 484 Conway Flat Road, Cheviot, RD4, 7384

FATBANG is an OIL-IN-WATER EMULSION OF 12% RENDERED BEEF-SHEEP FAT in a sprayable form that is applied to trees and plants. The fat (tallow) works as a natural rainfast sticker-spreader that adheres to the plant for long term efficacy. Plants and trees treated with FatBang will serve as a last-resort food source for browsers, encouraging them to dine elsewhere. The product has 100% natural active ingredients and is safe on the environment. No one else is using animal fat as an active ingredient.

BANGBANG is animal protein of OVINE BLOOD & BONE + EGG PROTEIN + FISH that not only repels browsers but also nurtures trees and plants. NPK inherent in blood & bone and fish protein also feeds and boosts plant resilience and health. Natural stickers and spreaders in the oils adhere to the plant to prolong efficacy. This product is 100% natural, it is multi-redundant which means that all of the main components (the liquid blood & bone, egg solids, fish) are repulsive to browsers as standalones. We have added Rainfast (derived from pine tree resin) to the formulation to make it resistant to rain. The only other protein-based repellent made here is an egg-based product that needs chemical resin added. 

Pest Control Research Ltd

PO Box 7223


Ph: (03) 372 1580


Manufactures and sells Kilmore and Sentry bait stations, PCR No. 1 leg-hold traps, Sentinel possum kill trap, RS5 prefeed baits, WaxTags for possum and rodent monitoring, tracking tunnels and tracking ink, flagging tape, waterproof notebooks and poison warning signs.


PO Box 305

Motueka 7143

Ph: 0800 737 838


Suppliers of Number 1 Leg Traps (bulk buy rates available), along with a large range of products for the control of small animals, rodents, and birds.

Philproof Pest Control

Brooke Keith

Philproof Pest Control

P O Box 4385, Hamilton 3247

Ph/fax: (07) 859 2943

Mobile: 021 270 5896


Manufacture and distribute pest control products, including possum, rabbit and rodent bait stations, along with appropriate poison baits. Also manufacture and import a range of mustelid kill traps and trap covers. Other products include: rodent and mustelid monitoring tunnels, live capture cages, Timms traps, leg hold possum traps, and nesting chambers for petrel and blue penguin.

Possum Master Industries Ltd

34 Jess Road

RD2, Tauranga 3172

Ph: (027) 641 9156


Sells the Possum Master kill trap.

Second Life Plastics Ltd
41 Tiro Tiro Road, Levin

Ph: 06 364 5152

Fax:06 364 5151

Mobile: 021 0268 0440

Bait pots for use in the control of possums and rats. Usually nailed to trees but contact supplier for details on how to use. Made in NZ from 100% recycled plastic. Pots sold in boxes of 200.

Te Anau Signs

41 Caswell Road, Te Anau

Ph: 03 249 7775



Warning signs for use in pest control operations.

Trappers Cyanide 2017 Limited

David and Kim Burrows

121 McLeods Road,

RD 7 Rangiora, North Canterbury 7477

Ph: (03) 313 4933

Mobile: 027 589 1766


Sells Sodium Cyanide Paste