What can Bionet do for you?

What can Bionet do?

Bionet is your one-stop-shop for information about pests and disease in New Zealand. We aim to provide you with the best biosecurity tools, advice and resources in one easy to access location. This website allows you to connect and collaborate with others in the community by using Bionet Groups. Communities may form a group to communicate information about their biosecurity activities.

Who is involved?

In alignment with the Government’s Biosecurity 2025 initiative and the National Pest Management Plan of Action the Department of Conservation, Ministry for Primary Industries, Land Information New Zealand as well as Regional Councils have funded Bionet to bring together the best biosecurity tools

Where does the information come from?

The content on this site has either been developed by Bionet or sourced from other reputable bodies such as the National Pest Control Agencies, Department of Conservation, Ministry for Primary Industries or regional councils. 

Bionet Groups

Groups offer collaboration tools such as blogs, document storage and retrieval, lists of useful links and short messages that the Group Owner can publish for all to see. Groups are secure - only group members can see content within the group, so sensitive material can be safely shared there.

Bionet's search capabilities are highly advanced and work on group content as well as publicly available content. The first search performed will be within the current website (e.g. Bionet) and will include any groups that the person is a member of. If the "Widen Search" tickbox is checked, then the search engine will search all Bionet web portals public areas and groups that the requestor is a member of for the search term. This will maximise the number of search results.

Bionet and the Group Owner do have the right to restrict access to groups in the event that individuals are using them for invalid or malicious purposes.